Japanese lesbians sue the government for the right to marry


A lesbian couple is planning to sue Japan’s government in order to legalize same-sex marriage. Japanese citizen Ai Nakajima is in relationships with Kristina Baumann from Germany. They want to marry and it is technically possible to do it on Baumann’s homeland, but this union will not be recognized by Nakajima’s country, so she joins several same-sex couples suing Japanese government to change the law. Nakajima and Baumann tied the knot in September in Germany, but as a Japanese citizen Nakajima has no rights that a married woman is supposed to have and Baumann is not her legally approved wife from the point of view of Japanese law. Baumann is living in Japan on a student visa which allows her to attend vocational school, but she may have to move back to her home country when she finishes her studies. The only legal recognition for same-sex couples in Japan currently is a Designated Activities visa. This visa extends to foreign same-sex couples who are legally married in another part of the world, but one of the couple resides in Japan. The law does not extend to a union between a Japanese national and a foreigner.


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