Lesbian was told by her boss that she would be promoted only if she dressed ‘appropriately’


Meagan Hunter said she resigned as a server at Chili’s Grill & Bar in Phoenix, Arizona, after her district manager offered her the position of shift leader under one condition: if she wore skirts and dresses at work. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a discrimination complaint against Chili’s with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Hunter’s behalf two weeks ago. Hunter, who had worked at Chili’s for nearly two years, told the ACLU she responded to the manager’s request by asking whether her career success depended on exposing her body parts and the manager told her that they would not have called it this way. She claimed that she “asked him why I could not wear a chef-style coat like the one he was wearing and he replied: ‘It’s for boys.’” “I had been overlooked for a bartender position because the same manager ‘didn’t want a gay girl behind the bar’ because he didn’t think I would attract the right kind of clientele,” she claimed, adding that she had to leave her job as she now feels quite uncomfortable working for these people, so the single mother will be unable to buy a house of her own 9in the nearest future as she planned before the scandal.


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