Mike Pence’s brother says he and his wife are not homophobic


Indiana Congressman Greg Pence, who was elected to the House of Representative in the November midterm elections, was sidestepped by a TMZ reporter who asked him about the second lady Karen Pence and her decision to return to teach at the school with an anti-LGBT reputation. But Greg Pence claims that neither Karen nor his brother, VP Mike Pence, is against LGBT. We don’t know exactly about Karen, she has never expressed her position about this issue explicitly, but Mike Pence has made numerous speeches in which he mentioned LGBT people in the negative context. And the laws he signed in the past as the governor of Indiana and later, as the VP, showed that Mr. Pence did not support LGBT Americans. As for his wife, she campaigned for candidates with staunchly anti-LGBT views. She also previously worked at the Immanuel Christian School for 12 years, so presumably she was at least aware, if not supportive, of the school’s anti-LGBT policies.


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