Petition to remove ‘gay cure therapy’ app from Playmarket gets 40 000 signatures


The petition was launched on by LGBT+ organization Truth Wins Out, which campaigns against radical homophobia excused and promoted by religious organizations. The petition reads that Amazon, AppStore and numerous other platforms have removed the app following complaints, but Google took no action. Following the backlash in numerous media outlets, including GNE, the petition became more massive and gained more than 41 000 signatures. “Please sign our petition to demand that Google stop procrastinating and immediately remove Living Hope’s hateful app that deliberately singles out LGBT people for bigotry and ridicule. Every moment that this app remains at Google’s online store, vulnerable LGBT teenagers can download it, so time is of the essence,” the petition reads. The religious app is owned by Arlington-based religious group Living Hope Ministries. It calls homosexuality a destructive and addictive lifestyle.


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