British government demands evidence from intersex school students


The call for evidence will seek to gage the views of people with variations in sex characteristics on a number of issues. School as an environment, whether it is\was accepting or not for the current and former school students who are intersex, is one of the key issues in the call. The government also wants to know the way intersex people socialize and build contacts and the way they preferred to be addressed (meaning not only preferred pronouns, but definitely including them) and the healthcare issues’ effect on the intersex community in the country. The government’s call for evidence will include further questions regarding sex assignment at birth, birth registration and correcting birth certificates. The call for evidence will last till March 28th and will be open to any British people who are intersex or have any variations in sex characteristic. There are many different ways that a person can identify as intersex, which is an umbrella term encompassing those who are born with sex characteristics outside of the binary “female” and “male” definitions.


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