Nearly 25% of men in relationships with men face domestic abuse


22 percent of male respondents in the survey held by the gay dating app Chappy revealed that they have experienced domestic violence from their boyfriends or husbands. A half of that amount confessed that they were abusers towards their same-sex partners themselves at least once, meaning attacking them physically. 34% of the respondents have abused their male partners verbally. The Chappy Report 2018 examined a number of issues facing gay and bisexual men in British society. It surveyed 518 men from across the UK. Alexander Morgan, chief executive of sexual violence charity Stay Brave, noted that due to some destructive social stereotypes about men and ‘toxic masculinity’, men are unlikely to report about surviving domestic violence, and queer men are even more likely to hide it because they also face fear of being discriminated against by their sexual orientation, that is why it is hard to collect some accurate statistic data about domestic abuse among gay and bi men, but this problem remains actual for the queer male community.


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