The VP says that criticism of the school where his wife works deeply offends him


Vice President Mike Pence is offended at the criticism of his wife Karen Pence’s decision to resume her career of a teacher in the school in Virginia which is known for officially rejecting potential pupils and employees if they belong to LGBT community or support it. He said that the tradition of treligious education in general and Christian education in part exists in America for centuries, and it should be supported, not attacked. However, Mr. Pence probably failed to realize that among the critics there was not any person who would stand up to religious education or insist on eliminating Christian educational institutions in the country. The probl4em was not in Christian fith being preached but in discrimination against certain people, which is actually NOT preached in Christianity. The on ;y LGBT-related thing disapproved in the Bible is sex vbetween men, but it would bbe enough to forbid having sex at school for bioth straight and gay pupils (if there could be ABNYONE irresponsible enough to do it), and trhere is no need in rejecting LGBT people.


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