YouTuber Logan Paul says being gay is cool


The youtube star who came under fire for his New Year resolution to ‘go gay for a month’, for which he later apologized, said that he just likes LGBT people a lot and wanted to be closer to them, but the language he used led to the opposite effect. After claiming that the statement was a “very poor choice of words” in a Tweet following the backlash, Paul has now spoken further on the topic in a clip from an upcoming episode of his podcast with Air Force veteran and gay rights campaigner Josh Seefried, who said that it might be frightening to speak publicly about being gay. Logan, however, said he sees nothing frightening in it and views same-sex relationships as something cool, so he speaks about them with positive emotions only. He continued to call people who are open with their sexuality “courageous” and “noble”. “There is nothing more beautiful than being yourself,” he added.


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