High schools block access to LGBT websites for students


Pupils at Billings Public Schools in Montana said they were not able to get onto certain websites, including those belonging to the Human Rights Watch and LGBT rights groups such as GLAAD. In an email to staff, Brandon Newpher, Chief Information Director of Technology for Billings Public Schools, explained that network filters have become stricter as a measure of safety in order to protect students and staff. The schools blocked the websites under the category of ‘AlternativeSexualLifestyles(GLBT)’. At the same time the websites campaigning against LGBT are still available to gain access to from the school computers. The American Civil Union Liberties (ACLU) condemned the schools’ decision, stating blocking the sites violated the students’ First Amendment right to free speech and inst5ead of getting support they often struggle to get at school, they gain access only to the information that they are broken, wrong and not needed.


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