Mormon gay cure therapist is gay himself and he looks for a significant other


David Matheson, a notorious Mormon practitioner of gay ‘cure’ therapy, confessed that however hard he tried to ‘cure’ other people from being gay, these methods did not work even on himself, so maybe it’s time for him to admit that he likes men and to make up his mind with it. The US-based former therapist came out in a message shared by Truth Wins Out, a campaign group that battles against gay ‘cure’ therapy. Though the man himself still stands for the idea that human sexuality can possibly be changed and chosen, he won’t stop doing what he did and he never lied to anyone, he chose to be with his ex-wife, he chose to break up with her and now he chooses to be gay, but there is currently no special man in his life. But he hopes to find one soon. Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out said: “If conversion therapy does not work for authors like David Matheson who write books on the discredited practice, it is naive to expect it to work for those reading such deceptive publications”


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