Anna Wintour demands more freedom for LGBT Australians


Vogue US editor Anna Wintour has delivered a scorching criticism of Australian tennis champion Margaret Court and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison as she came to Melbourne to attend the Australian Open. The thing is both Court and Morrison are known for their radical opposition of LGBT and their rights. The tennis championship is held at Melbourne Park, which encompasses a sports arena named after Court, so Vintour made a speech saying that this stadium unites different people embracing their diversity, but the person it was named after failed to do it. “This much I think is clear to anyone who understands the spirit and the joy of the game,” the fashion editor exclaimed. “Intolerance has no place in tennis. What we love [is] watching these remarkable men and women exceed themselves while being themselves in many different forms”. She said that by no means she wanted to devalue Court’s sport success, but thinks that it is not enough to name the stadium after her, as it should be named after someone who is successful not only as a sportsman but as a person


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