Gamer who wanted to help trans kids raised $300 000


When gamer Harry Brewis, known more widely by his gamer name Hbomberguy, started live-streaming himself playing Donkey Kong for more than a day with no break to support a transgender charity Mermaids, he did not think that the sum he’d raise could be so big. The initial goal Brewis set for the Twitch stream was 500 dollars but he personally expected to gain at least 3000. But the actual sum had some more zeroes, making the 26-year-old gamer totally shocked. In total, around 600,000 people have watched all or parts of the Twitch stream, with some 25,000 logging on at its peak. The young man did not even expect such a reaction and he had no idea that people were so trans-supportive. But in this case he is extremely happy to be wrong. “I think what caused so many people to react the way they did was the utter shock at discovering that there are so many who are willing to help, so many people who care, and they were almost waiting for an excuse to do it,” Harry said


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