Italian newspaper sparks outrage with a controversial headline


Italian newspaper Libero has sparked controversy publishing a headline apparently suggesting that the economic crisis in the country and growing gay population are deliberately connected. “Not much to be happy about. Revenue and GDP down, but gay people increase,” it reads, if to translate from Italian. “Three in four entrepreneurs avoid electronic receipts and the economy suffers. The only ones who do not feel the crisis are the homosexuals: they keep increasing,” the introductory paragraph of the article goes on, referring, by the way, to the British statistics of growing number of out LGBT folks .So, this statistics could not influence the Italian economy simply due to geographical factors. The headline was met with widespread backlash, starting with the government undersecretary for publishing, Vito Crimi, a lawmaker with the ruling party Five Star Movement who criticized the headline and branded it as disgusting. Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio, who is also the leader of the Five Star Movement, condemned the headline in a Facebook post


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