Australians were distressed by equal marriage vote


Even though the equal marriage vote ended in favor of LGBT Aussies, they were harmed by it and still deal with an emotional distress, researchers state. The study from researchers at the University of Sydney’s School of Psychology assessed the mental health of 1,305 Australian gay, lesbian and bisexual people during the 2017 Australia equal marriage vote, which was ordered by then-Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, though the party he represented was strongly anti-LGBT. The level of depression and anxiety among queer Australians rose up in the wake of the aggressive campaign of ‘no’ voters, who targeted and abused the LGBT population. Lead author Stefano Verrelli, a doctoral candidate at the University of Sydney’s School of Psychology, said that legislative and political decision-making processes affect the country not only ion the general meaning as a social group, but also psychomental conditions of particular individuals. The study acknowledges: “The findings corroborate the public health concerns expressed by the community, and many leading mental health organizations and government agencies, regarding the detrimental effect of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey on the mental health of LGB Australians.”


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