Gay congressman Jean Wyllys escapes Brazil


Openly gay Brazilian congressman Jean Wyllys has left his role and his native land as there are massive death threats against him. The left-wing politician, who was re-elected in October to serve a third term, told Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo that as his lesbian colleague, Rio de Janeiro councilwoman Marielle Franco, was murdered almost a year ago, he started receiving letters that read that he would be next. Wyllys, 44, said that when the former President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, heard about the death threats, he told him that he should take care as martyrs are not heroes. These words made him decide that he wants to live rather than to sacrifice himself. Writing on Twitter after the interview was published, he told his followers: “Preserving a threatened life is also a strategy to fight for better days. We have done much for the common good. And we will do much more when the new time comes, no matter what we do by other means! Thank you to all of you with all my heart.”


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