South Carolina foster agencies are allowed to reject gay fosterers


Donald Trump’s administration will allow religious foster agencies in South Carolina to use religion as an excuse when they reject certain clients. This law will mostly affect same-sex fosterers who are often attempted to be rejected by different service providers as the business owners’ religion disapproves homosexuality. In most cases it is enough to start a discrimination lawsuit against them, but foster agencies in South Carolina do not belong to these most cases anymore. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) waived anti-discrimination protections for federally funded agencies in the state on January 23rd.I n a letter to Republican Governor Henry McMaster, the Administration for Children and Families—which is part of the HHS—approved his request for faith-based agency Miracle Hill Ministries to be excluded from discrimination laws, LGBTQ Nation has reported. McMaster was also informed that as well as Miracle Hill Ministries, which creates around 15 percent of foster families in South Carolina, other religious agencies will be similarly exempted, according to the letter posted by BuzzFeed News’ Dominic Holden.


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