Teen is charged with murder of a man from Manchester Gay Village


Daniel Kurmelovs, 18, appeared at Manchester Crown Court this week charged with the murder of 53-year-old Frank Lennon. The defendant denied an intended murder, saying that the victim died accidentally as a result of some sex game that did not go as planned, and the injuries on the man’s body that prosecutors believed to be mortal were received when he was already dead – the teen cut his lover’s ear to check whether he was alive. The last strangle was fatal, though the victim allegedly asked about it, told the teen not to stop and even promised to pay him for it. The prosecutors agreed that it all started as a masochistic orgy, but the teen strangled his lover to death and broke his ribs, so he must have predicted the end of it all. Prosecutors accused Kurmelovs of stealing Lennon’s crucifix neck chain, watch, and 5,000 cigarettes the man, a heavy smoker, had brought back from a trip to the Spanish island of Ibiza. When questioned about the provenance of the items from a woman who later called the police on the teenager, Kurmelovs allegedly said: “I killed someone for them.”


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