$20,000 raised to help the victims of the homophobic attack in Texas


The internet has raised more than $20,000 to help a Texas gay couple cover their medical expenses after they were brutally beaten in the city of Austin for holding hands on January 18th. One of them suffered a broken nose, chipped teeth, stitches in his forehead and a major concussion with minor internal bleeding. The other one was also rushed to the hospital with facial injuries. Their insurance could not cover their treatment and they had to ask people from the Internet to help them. The two men initially asked for just $4,000, explaining: “Both of us were transported in an ambulance and given emergency trauma care at a local hospital. [We] expect our bills to exceed the thousands of dollars due to receiving comprehensive radiological care.” However, after the attack was highlighted in the media the two were able to raise 5 times more. In addition to the medical expenses, more than $11,000 has been raised by two local gay venues to offer as a reward for catching the perpetrators.


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