Indiana could accept a bathroom bill


A Republican lawmaker in Indiana has introduced a bill that would force trans students to use bathroom facilities only from the point of view of the sex they were assigned at birth, even if it goes contrary to the way they self-identify. Representative Bruce Borders authored House Bill 1525, which seeks to define students’ access to sports activities and facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms on the basis of their biological sex and the set of chromosomes. He submitted the proposed legislation on January 17. The language used in the bill is similar to the one featured in the Department of Health and Human Services memo leaked in October, which defined sex as an unchangeable genetically-determined factor revealed by or before the person’s birth. An Indiana trans woman expressed her concern about the effect of Borders’ bill on trans students and their wellbeing in a letter to her local paper. She wrote: “In addition to the hardships this will bring to transgender children in Indiana schools, this bill would open the door to further discriminatory legislation via legal precedent, including a potential statewide bathroom bill.”


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