Fans saw a message about trans people in Steven Universe season finale


The Season 5 finale of Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, created by an openly non-binary animation film maker Rebecca Sugar, has been praised by fans for having a hidden message in support of the transgender community. n its latest episode, “Change Your Mind,” the cartoon creates a wonderful trans story, featuring main character Steven struggling to convince his biological family, Blue, Yellow and White Diamond, that he is not a girl named Pink Diamond but a boy named Steven. Blue and Yellow got it easily but White still confused Steven to his mom. To prove this, she physically separates Steven from his gem—a pink diamond embedded in his stomach which his mum also possessed. Rather than turning into his mum as White expects, the gem forms a pink version of Steven and he had to tell White that his mom is gone. The episode and this scene in particular were praised by viewers for accurately representing a trans person attempting to convince intolerant or unwilling family members of their true identity.


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