Gay Congressman who escaped Brazil due to fears for his life will be replaced by another gay man


Wyllys, a pioneering gay politician in the country, was re-elected in October to serve a third term in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, but as his lesbian friend and colleague Marielle Franco was brutally killed, he started to receive letters that he might be next, so he decided to leave the post and the country. The politician will be replaced in congress by David Miranda, a Rio de Janeiro city councilor, who is also gay. He says that he is also afraid for his life and safety, but still, he believes that right now, amid all this hate and homophobia, the Brazilian LGBT community needs to stand up and speak out, gay people need to be voiced like never before. “When you have a president elected that doesn’t represent us, saying openly that he’s against not only the LGBT community, but also against the human rights activists, that gives strength to a lot of people to do things in his name, on his behalf, to harm us. [LGBT people] are made of resistance… I will be one of the voices for resistance in the Congress,” said the lawmaker


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