Homophobic Greek bishop is suspended


Bishop Amvrosios of Kalavryta, whose name is Athanassios Lenis, appeared in front of a three-member misdemeanor court in the town of Aigio on January 28th according to the local newspaper. The case against the 79-year-old Greek bishop dates back to 2015, when the country was making a fundamental decision whether to legalize same-sex civil partnerships. And by the way, they were legalized by the end of that year. No surprise that the idea was not supported by the local Orthodox church, but some of its leaders went too far in expressing their opposition. In a written address published on his blog in December 2015, the Greek bishop labeled LGBT+ people “the dregs of society” and called on his followers to “spit on them.” He also called gay people freaks ‘who are mentally and spiritually sick’. He said that gay people were insane, not human and did not deserve to be left in peace. Bishop Amvrosios is the first representative of the powerful Greek Orthodox Church to ever be trialed, thanks to a complaint brought forward by nine LGBT+ activists on the basis of Article 196 of the Greek Penal Code on the abuse of ecclesiastical office. The Greek bishop first appeared in court in March 2018, but at the time he was cleared of the charges of public incitement to violence and abuse of ecclesiastical duties.


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