One more Japanese city recognizes same-sex unions


Chiba, which is home to a million people, issued certificates to four same-sex couples on January 29th according to the reports from the local press. The documents will allow the partners to access many of the spousal rights such as common public housing and the right to visit their same-sex partners in hospitals. The ceremony in Chiba was hosted by Mayor Toshihito Kumagai, who wished same-sex couples to live happy lives and to strengthen their love every single day. To qualify for the certificates, couples need to be at least 20 years old, unmarried and living in Chiba or planning to move there in the nearest future. 56-year-old Japanese man named Yanase has finally made his relationships with his 65-year-old male partner official, and he hopes that it is only the first step for Japanese society in learning to treat LGBT people the way they deserve. There are several cities in Japan approving same-sex civil unions, but this law is not nationwide.


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