LGBT Chechens file a criminal complaint amid the purge


Activists at the Russian LGBT Network, the group that denounced the apparent resurgence of the Chechnya anti-gay purge, have filed a criminal complaint asking the officials to investigate this case. According to a statement published on January 89th on behalf of the group’s executive Igor Kochetkov, authorities are asked to pay attention to illegal detention of at least 14 people, as well as the use of torture and the murder of one Russian citizen suspected of being killed by police officers in Chechnya between January 1 and January 20 . The St. Petersburg-based group denounced a resurgence of persecution against LGBT+ people in Chechnya earlier this month, claiming that 40 individuals were detained and two killed since December 2018, but the local authorities denied these accusations. The activists released the name of one of the people they believed is being wrongfully detained—Chechen resident Bekhan Yusupov. According to Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, Yusupov had obtained asylum in France, but his family was left in Chechnya, and the man was declared missing when he came to visit them


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