The patron of gay bar has been attacked in Philadelphia


The attack took place in the night of January 27th, the 50-year-old man was physically assaulted by a group of people (as far as it may be known for now, there were 5 of them, 4 men and a woman) outside of one of the gay=friendly bars in Philadelphia. The attackers fled the scene using a car, leaving no chance for someone (the police or accidental witnesses) to identify them. Those who tried to prevent the attack were also punched and injured. reflected on the significance of such an attack taking place in what is the heart of Philadelphia’s LGBT+ area, so now people of the city just don’t know whether they can feel safe and if yes then where. It has been revealed that the victim was brought to the Jefferson University Hospital reporting a head injury, but is now is in stable condition. The authorities have yet to decide whether to treat the attack as a hate crime, as the investigation is still active and ongoing.


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