Married gay sport club owners talk about being LGBT in business


A married gay couple claims to be the first to own a professional sports club after acquiring a stake in British rugby team the Keighley Cougars, one of the oldest in the country (founded in 1876). The club has been owned by Mick O’Neill since 1990. And three weeks ago he introduced his 40-year-old son Ryan and his 33-year-old husband Kaue Garcia as the new cp-owners, according to ITV. Ryan O’Neill said that this was a really historic moment because being openly queer in rugby is quite uncommon, whether you are a player, a coach or a club owner, so he and his husband understand that they are already challenging some stereotypes. They understood from their own experience that many of these stereotypes are untrue- they expected to be treated rather coldly, but their new co-workers took it quite well that the club is to be co-owned by a gay married couple. O’Neill credited the rainbow laces campaign in football for “softened traditional attitudes on the terraces towards LGBT+” and pledged to work together with the Rugby Football League to broaden their campaigns to further include LGBT+ rights.


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