Trans girl was crowned as a homecoming queen despite death threats


Trans teenager Charlie Baum never imagined it would be possible for her to be crowned homecoming queen at her Georgia school. She thought that she was hated at school as she faced a lot of humiliation there and was repeatedly told she deserved to die. But she still had some real friends, who nominated her to be the homecoming queen and their support melted her heart. “I went from feeling ready to get out of high school so that I could be normal and just feel like a normal girl—not so much of an oddity or outcast—to feeling like there was a majority of students who support me,” said the girl, who said that she has never believed that people could see her beautiful feminine soul locked in a wrong body, but she is very happy to be wrong. “[My family] were in the bleachers and they just ran down and all started hugging me—and then there was even more screaming. My mum was behind me crying with my dad, and my grandma was also in the bleachers, full-on funeral sobbing with joy. It was a happy moment for all of us,” said the queen.


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