Amandla Stenberg says being queer and black is still a challenge for Hollywood actors


The queer movie star who uses gender-neutral pronouns says that LGBT+ actors of color like themselves still don’t have as much space in the cinematic industry as their straight and white counterparts. Accepting the Visibility Award from Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin at HRC’s New York City gala on February 2, Stenberg said that it is a blessing for them to have an ability to speak out, to make their voice heard. And maybe it would help other young queer kids, especially girls, to come in terms with who they really are, to accept and to celebrate their true selves. When Amandla grew up, they did not have such role models and that is why it took too much time for them to understand who they are. “To me, it is the power to reveal the ethereal love that exists within us underneath socialization. I’m happy to unravel the long web of denial and self-deprivation that I have been experiencing. I’m grateful how the queer community has accepted me with open arms and taught me how to walk unapologetically in my truth,” Stenberg concluded


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