Far-right group’s web domain is taken over by gay erotica


The new white nationalist group known as Wolves of Odin, a splinter group from the Europe-based Soldiers of Odin, made the news on January 25 after its members were accused of having a confrontation with local Muslims in the Canadian city of Edmonton. The activist decided to buy the web domain WolvesOfOdin.ca out from under the group, and to reconsider its content. People searching for the group are now greeted by gay wolf-themed artwork, with scantily clad wolves bearing names like DoggyTreat69, 2pups1cup, and White_Power_Bottom. All is not lost, however, as Grumpelt is more than happy to the domain go—in exchange for a $10,000 donation to Hate Free Edmonton, which cleans up racist graffiti in the city. A spokesperson for Hate Free Edmonton told The Star Edmonton that it appreciates the gesture, but added the gay furry erotica is “decidedly off-brand for us. The initial version was a lot more graphic… It’s not the most G-rated site in the world. I just wanted to take it away from somebody that might use it for hate. I’ll take whatever power I can away from them and use it for something else.”


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