Lesbian singer Saara Aalto filmed a trans-themed music video


Finnish singer-songwriter Saara Aalto has debuted a powerful new music video for her song, “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching,” developed with and for British charity Mermaids, focused on helping transgender kids. Transgender dancer Jessica Allen – who has previously had roles in Cats and with the English National Ballet Company – played the leading role in Aalto’s video. Allen transitioned in 2013. As a result of this – and a knee injury – she retired from professional dance, so this video marks her debut in dancing as a woman and her comeback to her job. “I want this song and video to empower anybody who maybe doubts themselves or has others doubt them to see that you can truly be who you are meant to be. Your life can be incredible, beautiful and peaceful,” Aalto said of the video, she wanted it to be empowering, encouraging and energetic. The watchers believe this task to be completed. “As an LGBTQ+ artist myself, I have experienced prejudices both personal and professional, but I made my dream of being a singer come true and I want to use this platform to inspire others that you too can lead a lead positive and loving life,” the singer added


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