Polish gay politician launches a party of his own


Robert Biedron, the former mayor of the town of Slupsk, hopes to challenge the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party, as the country prepares for both domestic and European elections this year. He launched a p[arty named Spring as a symbol of progress, thriving and reviving. The party is going to be oriented on the European Union and its values. Speaking at a rally in the capital Warsaw, Biedron said that the democracy in modern Poland is actually not a real democracy because minorities are oppressed and people are still limited in their basic human rights, and there is currently no political force in the country that would be able to change it, so Poland needs some fresh air, Poland needs spring. The 42-year-old former mayor has vowed to introduce the recognition of gay partnerships, equal pay for women and better access to abortion and reproductive rights, as well as universal old age pension. He also promised to shift politics away from the church, which holds significant influence over the deeply Catholic country.


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