Trans teacher has been harassed by pupils and colleagues


A transgender teacher from Maryland was harassed and discriminated against in three different schools she worked in – having a trans teacher was disapproved by fellow teachers, students and their parents. Jennifer Eller has filed a civil rights lawsuit against Prince George’s Public Schools and Prince George’s County Board of Education for being discriminated against on the basis of gender identity for years. Students accused her of being a pedophile and a pervert, and in one incident, a group of students threatened to rape her and make her “their girlfriend.” Eller reported that incident – and others – to school authorities, but nothing was done to improve the situation, the lawsuit alleges. In other incidents, Eller was misgendered and called ‘a tranny’ and ‘it’. An administrator referred to her as “sir” or “mister”, even though she started teaching at that school after she transitioned. The lawsuit said she reported these incidents to the school principal, but the incident was ignored. She resigned from her post in August of 2017 as she did not feel that she would be able to cope if she returned. Her lawyers are now seeking back pay, lost benefits and compensation for Eller. She says she hopes the case will make a difference to others.


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