Biden Foundation teaches people to accept their young trans family members


The foundation, established by former Vice President Joe Biden and his family after departing the White House in 2017 to fight for equality of all people, has partnered with LGBT+ groups Movement Advancement Project (MAP) and Gender Spectrum to create the “Advancing Acceptance” campaign, focused on providing support to the families of the gender diverse and trans kids. The main aim is to let the family members know that their support has a profound impact on their children’s mental condition and the way they represent themselves in society. Similar research published in 2018 in the Journal of Adolescent Health, also showed that allowing young transgender people to use their chosen name visibly decreases the risk of them attempting to take their own lives. Emily Hecht-McGowan, director of LGBT+ equality at the Biden Foundation, told NBC News: “Some people don’t understand that some of what they are doing and saying are actually harmful to young people. We want to educate people about how important it is and what good it does for LGBTQ young people when they are accepted.”


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