Brandi Carlile struggles to get outfits from designers because she is an ‘awkward lesbian’


Brandi Carlile, who is the most nominated female artist at this year’s Grammy Awards, has said that fashion designers don’t send suits to her and she has to buy all the outfits herself. The 37-year-old musician told the publication that she has been maxing out on her credit cards because she likes gender-neutral suits and the designers don’t make them for her, as she is ‘an awkward lesbian who wants to look like Elton John’. Sir Elton is fabulous and it would be an honor for her to be like him, but it is not her goal to copy his outfits. Carlile released her critically-acclaimed and Grammy-nominated album By the Way, I Forgive You in February 2018. Apart from Drake and Kendrick Lamar, she is the only musician to be nominated in the Grammy’s three top categories of album of the year; song of the year; and record of the year. She is married to a woman named Catherine with whom they bring up two kids.


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