Canadian hockey player condemns homophobia in sport


Brock McGillis, a gay former hockey player, has spent the last two years sharing his story in schools and with junior hockey teams across Canada. Her believes that people need to be taught from the earliest childhood that discriminating against other people and abusing them for who they are is wrong, bad and completely unacceptable, otherwise they might grow up into homophobic adults, who are just unaware and uneducated about certain issues, so they behave cruelly as they are driven by the fear of unknown. McGillis said that his teammates, his friends were those adults – they used homophobic slurs everyday and had no idea how much it hurt him, they did not know that with those ‘innocent’ words they were actually pushing him closer to the edge – each time he heard those words he wanted to harm and even kill himself. But he, having the stereotypes about toxic masculinity in sport in general and in hockey in part, had to hide – to hide his sexuality, his feelings, his mental health disorders. He had to mock gay people as well, just to show that he was ‘a real man’, and it dragged him deeper and deeper in depression. He has now travelled across Canada to speak to more than 200,000 people about his story and the impact of homophobia on young people, just not to let it happen to anyone else.


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