Piers Morgan criticized former gay cure therapists who came out as gay


Morgan slammed 57-year-old David Matheson, who came out as gay in January, during an interview on Good Morning Britain on February 4th. Morgan said that it was nothing but a sham as the person who built his business on telling people that they could get rid of same-sex attraction admitted that he did not apply his own methods on himself or they did not work. Matheson, however, defended his previous actions, claiming he did not profit considerably in his former job role. He said that he does not regret about three decades together with his wife and the job he did (though now he believes that such practices should be outlawed as they are harmful for many people). He still believes that being gay is a choice and he has made a choice to be gay, there was no hypocrisy, he said that he had never told people something he did not believe in to earn money. And actually, he did not earn as much money as some may think, so it was not the top motivation.


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