Sonam Kapoor says that playing love with Regina Cassandra was easier than with a man


Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga marks the first mainstream Indian film release to depict a same-sex relationship. Kapoor plays Sweety, who is conflicted with her feelings and struggles to come out in a conservative society. She falls in love with Kuhu, played by Regina Cassandra—and Kapoor said that there was no struggle or controversy, and it was definitely not the hardest onscreen romance she ever played, and she felt very comfortable getting close with Cassandra. Romancing Regina was the easiest thing, it’s easy to romance a woman than to romance a man,” Kapoor told Firstpost, adding that the only challenge for her was to represent Sweety’s shyness and insecurity of who she was. Sonam herself is a very self-confident woman and she has never hidden any parts of her personality, as many people struggle learning to love themselves, she struggled to learn not to. Her parents, and especially dad Anil Kapoor, who was starring in the same movie as Sweety’s homophobic dad, always told her how precious and amazing she is, and she believed the, Playing Sweety, who felt so uncomfortable in her own skin because of her environment, Kapoor realized how blessed she was . “I have had such a progressive, liberal upbringing, and, in fact, when I joined the industry I found it very homophobic, very sexist and coming from such a home environment into this so-called real world of this film industry, it was a culture shock to me,” said Kapoor, “‘Are people really like that?’ I would wonder. I couldn’t believe that they made fun of the LGBTQ? For me it was quite shocking. Just because you have a different preference for who you want to love doesn’t make you any different from what we as a community considers normal”


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