The attack in Austin inspired a massive rally against homophobic hate crimes


Dozens of demonstrators marched in Austin, Texas, on February 2 as a sign of support to the gay couple that was brutally attacked in the city for holding hands a few weeks before. The protestors demanded to stop homophobic cruelty and to make their city a safe place to live for everybody. On a Facebook page for the rally, organizers said they hoped the march would prove cathartic while also raise awareness about the demands of the LGBT+ community in Austin, as the FBI data showed that Texas is the state with the highest amount of homophobic hate crimes in the USA and this number is sharply rising from year to year. Spencer Deehring and Tristan Perry, who were taken to the hospital after being attacked by a group of men after leaving a bar holding hands on January 19, were at the event in their honor, they are physically alright, but deeply emotional and overwhelmed with the love and support they have received. “To tackle such a cultural issue in our society we must take action that goes beyond converging on the Capitol here. Texas needs better protections and legislation for our queer community members. My goal is that in the future my children will be able to grow up and be whomever they want to be without fear of being beaten or attacked while they are out in public,” said Deehring.


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