Donald Trump vows to eliminate HIV


President Donald Trump included a pledge to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in his State of the Union speech as he responded to being called out for avoiding talks about this issue for two years of his presidency and dissolving the Office of National AIDS Policy when he came to power, as well as dismissing the entirety of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS. However, trump said in a speech that America had done a lot to tackle HIV and there were scientific data to confirm the success of the country moving in this direction, so working on the next budget Trump is going to ask both Republicans and Democrats to make their commitment for HIV\AIDS to be completely eliminated in the country within a decade. The commitment comes despite previous concerns over extreme cuts to HIV/AIDS funding proposed within the Trump administration. Trump has previously come under fire for inflammatory rhetoric around HIV/AIDS, claiming in a 1997 interview that he would force the late Princess Diana to take an HIV test before having sex with her.


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