Rainbow roses helped homeless youth


UK supermarket chain Morrisons is selling rainbow roses to support homeless LGBT+ youth on St. Valentine’s Day in collaboration with Albert Kennedy Trust to let these people know that even though they feel dumped and lonely, they are still loved and not alone. The rainbow roses are available for sale at all Morrisons stores starting February 11. The retailer will donate 50p per rose to the charity, which was selected by Morrisons LGBT+ network. The retailer intends the roses, which have been dyed so that each petal displays the colors of the rainbow, to represent and celebrate the beauty of love in all its shapes. Inspired by the rainbow flag symbolizing the LGBT+ community, Morrisons florists cut the rose stems and dip each part into a different colored water—which are absorbed by the flower to change the color of every petal. The Albert Kennedy Trust director of fundraising Carrie Reiner thanked the retailer for such a campaign celebrating the young people who were disowned and betrayed by their loved ones just because they were courageous enough to show them who they were.


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