Group of men are arrested for trying to sell drugs on a gay cruise ship


Washington, DC residents Peter Melendez and Robert Koehler were charged with conspiracy to traffic in illegal drugs and trafficking in illegal drugs, the Miami-Dade PD reported, according to NBC News. According to NBC, the two men were planning to attend the Allure Caribbean Cruise, which is currently sailing the Caribbean Sea, when they were discovered possessing 27 grams of MDMA, 18 grams of ketamine, 246 grams of GHB, 7 grams of Viagra and 5 grams of Adderall in their luggage, and as a consequence, detained on February 3rd. But the following day both men were released on bail. According to media reports, the two were discovered because Melendez, a government contractor, discussed the idea of spreading drugs on the cruise ship using his work computer. The emails were intercepted by Homeland Security, who alerted authorities in Miami. Police said both men had confessed to transporting the drugs in their interview, The Miami Herald reported. DC LGBT+ activist Lane Hudson was quoted as saying in the Washington Blade that he knows Mendelez as a valued member of the local community.


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