Models walk New York Fashion Week in support of LGBT youth with mental health disorders


The show, #YOLO: You Only Live Once, took place on February 9th to mark the LGBT mental health awareness at the New York Fashion Week. It is being hosted by Supermodels Unlimited Magazine, a beauty industry publication, and the proceeds will go to the suicide prevention organization for LGBT+ youth, The Trevor Project. Editor-in-chief Kimberly Clark told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that there is a stigma around negative emotions, tears and sadness, but all people experience them, they may just hide it because the society appreciates smiley and positive people. People hide negative emotions as they are taught to be ashamed of them, so these emotions are slowly eating them from inside, leading to mental health disorders. She added that even those in the fashion industry struggled with mental health and the stigma surrounding it, including the late Kate Spade, who took her own life last year.


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