Nicola Sturgeon spoke in support of trans community


The First Minister of Scotland was speaking at the United Nations about Scotland’s Human Rights agenda on February 6th. As part of the Q&A following her speech, which was recorded on camera, she was questioned about her government’s support for transgender rights in light of those who claim that making a gender recognition process easier for transgender people could be potentially dangerous for [cisgender] women’s safety. The Scottish leader recognized that the issue is divisive in Scotland as well as England and other parts of the world, but also reaffirmed that she personally would try her best for trans Scotts to be easier legally recognized by their true gender. “The reason why I think it’s important to simplify the procedure around gender recognition is that many transgender people go through extreme difficulties in a whole range of different ways and I think we should be doing everything we can to address that and to recognize their rights and to allow them to express those rights as fully as possible,” the Scottish top politician ensured, adding that she, as a cis woman and a feminist, completely supports trans women, and those so-called feminists who see the threat in the part of community for the rights of which they advocate (as feminism is about women’s rights and trans women are women) just don’t fully understand the idea of feminism.


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