Tennessee is to issue a bill against gay adoptions


Two bills filed in the Tennessee General Assembly could allow adoption agencies to use religion as an excuse to decline potential adoptive parents. If the bill is signed, it will mean that the owners of the adoption agencies across the state to deny same-sex parents’ right to adopt children just because homosexuality is disapproved by the canons of their religion. Republican senator Joey Hensley and representative John Ragan lodged one of the bills, SB0848, which calls for adoption agencies to be allowed to deny a gay couples if it conflicts with the business’ “sincerely held religious beliefs,” reports The Tennessean. Another bill—HB0836—filed by Republican representative Tim Rudd, also proposes allowing foster agencies to turn away same-sex couples on religious objections. Joey Hensley said that he believed a mother and a father to be the environment all children need. And this is in spite of a fact that he has split from his own wife with whom he adopted 3 kids. “That’s not the best situation for children, but I try to make the best of it,” he told The Tennessean.


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