Aja does not want to be connected to RuPaul’s Drag Race anymore


The 25-year-old drag performer and musician from Brooklyn, New York, competed on the ninth season of the drag-themed show and in the All Stars season 3, but mow their life goes further and they would like to be known not only as a drag performer but also as a musician. They have already released a new trap music album titled Box Office, which features Cupcakke, Lady Luck, Rico Nasty, and Shea Coulee. “The thing I need to do is be polarising and say, ‘No, I’m a musician.’ Whether people like it or not, if you keep saying it, people will catch on,” the drag queen-turned-musician noted. They believe that those who like them as a creative personality, those who like them as a person with their own energy, will stick to them. As for those who liked them only as a part of the show and could not accept them in any other field, Aja lets these people go with a light heart.


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