Gay couple ‘brings up’ a plastic doll like a spoiled baby


AJ Sapolnick, 74 and his husband Mark Kirby, 65, decided to have a child that wouldn’t “impede” their lifestyle, after their friends started their journeys to parenting. They did not feel they might cope with a human being, so they bought a doll to train, and they are training for a few decades already. Their ‘son’ is named Digby Du Pont, and they celebrated all the most important events in his ‘life’, including birthdays and bar mitzvah . The couple have also bought their son Cartier and Rolex watches. The family are even on a ten-week tour of Asia to buy him new clothes from Thai designers. The trio even wear matching outfits, too. “I found that if we’re wearing contrasting or competing patterns it looks so overwhelming [in photographs],” Kirby added.


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