Rainbow wedding at the Empire State Building


Fabiana Faria, who grew up in Venezuela, and Helena Barquet, from New York, won a contest held by the owners of the building each year, for couples who want to tie the knot on February 14th, because lo9ve brings them high. Very high – on the 86th store of the Empire State building. Speaking to Racked in 2016, Faria said: “We have an appreciation for things being timeless. We try for everything in here to have that timelessness, and 20th century furniture really holds that.” The had only 15 minutes to exchange vows, because there were to many couples who wanted to tie the knot on the St. Valentine’s Day on the Empire State Building. But the two women are not upset about it because they have the whole life ahead and they vowed to spend it together, it was just a start, but they wanted it to be memorable.


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