The love story of Karl


His name was Jacques de Bascher. Lagerfeld called him his muse and the biggest love of his life, though ensured that this love has never got physical, they were connected romantically, but nor sexually, though Jacques had a reputation of a bad boy who seduced the wealthy men of Paris, in part another gay fashion legend, Yves Saint Laurent. But his last days (in fact, last 18 years) were spent by Lagerfeld’s side, before the AIDS complications took de Bascher away. Libération journalist Marie Ottavi wrote a biography of de Bascher, noting the love between him and Lagerfeld. This man loved booth men and women, both men and women could not resist his charm ands he used it for his own benefits. He was the classiest Frenchman I’ve ever known,” Lagerfeld said of his beloved. “Jacques de Bascher, when he was young, was a devil with Garbo’s face. He didn’t dress like anyone; he was ahead of everyone. He made me laugh more than anyone. He was the opposite of me. He was also impossible and despicable. He was perfect. He sparked incredible cases of jealousy.”


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