British Eurovision entry thinks his chances to win are quite high


As we reported earlier today, the British singer Michael Rice has been chosen to represent his country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Israel with a song called ‘Bigger Than Us’. And if winning the primary selection was considered quite unimaginable for him, he did it and it boosted his faith in his own talent so much that now he thinks that he has all chances to win, because he has a right song to finally bring his country to the Eurovision glory, as the last time UK won Eurovision was before Rice was even born. “I think you have to be positive when it comes to stuff like this. Some people do take the mickey out of it and these other countries really do take it seriously,” the singer said of his song for the contest. Explaining what inspired him to take part in the contest he named several British artists as his idols and role models, one of them is Oscar and Grammy laureate Sam Smith, who happens to be openly gay. “We might have lost loads of times,” he said, “but I think, why couldn’t it change? Why can’t we make this different? We’ve got the best music industry—Adele, Sam Smith, The Beatles—why can’t we send someone and hope for the best?” Rice concluded.


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