Republican from West Virginia likens LGBT to KKK


West Virginia Republican Eric Porterfield has said that “the LGBTQ is a modern-day version of the Ku Klux Klan”, adding that the queer community, to his mind, was also a ‘terrorist group’ with only that difference that they did not wear hoods to show their identity. During a committee meeting on an amendment that would have allowed for anti-LGBT discrimination in regions of West Virginia which have explicitly forbidden it, he ensured that to his mind the real discrimination was to force religiously committed business owners to run their businesses on demand of something that he calls a social-left agenda. The amendment was later voted down, and the politician noted that he did not believe LGBT rights activists to protect gay people and even said that the campaigners persecute those gay people who don’t fit their ideology. But if LGBT ‘ideology’ does not mean protecting gay people, then what does it mean and how to fit it? Mr. Porterfield failed to give any explanation of it.


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